1. Providing media production services for education and public relations

1.1 Production of computer lesson media
1.2 Production of computer graphic media
1.3 Production of video media
1.4 Production of sound media
1.5 Production of still image media
1.6 Design of printed media
1.7 Production of electronic books (e-Book) for teaching and learning
1.8 Production of teaching materials about Power program Point
1.9 Produce books, textbooks and academic documents
1.10 Print teaching materials
1.11 Copy and transfer of electronic media (CD, DVD)

2. Teaching and learning services using information technology

2.1 Service system for teaching through the SUT e-Learning network
2.2 Teaching service for network review lesson
2.3 Service of video conferences

3. Agency services outside the university

3.1 Production of audio-visual media (video, audio, photo)
3.2 Computer graphic media And print design.
3.3 Copy and transfer of media (CD, DVD Duplication)
3.4 Training management
– Educational media production
– Use of educational management systems through the network