English Language Electives

English Language Electives

English for Aviation I

Prerequisite: English II
Improve academic language using aviation technology content. Focus on reading and vocabulary about aviation engineering including history and development of aviation and integration of English usage in the aviation context.



English for Aviation II

Prerequisite: English for Aviation I
Improve academic language using aviation technology content. Focus on writing and speaking concerning aviation industry. Practice general writing, technical writing, speaking and presentation skills necessary for the aviation industry.


English for Business Communication                                                                      

Prerequisite: English 2
Enhancing skills in business communication in terms of speaking, listening, reading, writing, strategies in business communication, emphasis on speaking and listening to enable learners to use English for effective business communication


English for Business Writing                                                                                

Prerequisite: English for Business Communication

Development of the abilities to plan, retrieve, compile, organize ideas for business writing and electronic communications


English for Business Correspondence                                                                    

Prerequisite: 203102 English II

Development of knowledge and use of English efficiently and effectively in several types of business correspondence, such as business letters, memos, reports, fax and email messages, and projects/proposals  in an organization.


English for Business Nagotiation

Prerequisite: 203102 English II
Development of English and communication strategies for effective negotiations in international settings, including awareness of cultural differences in negotiations.


English for Business Presentation                                                                        

Prerequisite: English II
Development of data collection and content organization skills for business presentation, as well as presentation and question handling skills in a professional manner


English for Business Meetings                                                                              

Prerequisite: English II
Development of skills in leading, participating and arranging business meetings; audience analysis, including cultural factors; final proposal which incorporates reasoning from multiple viewpoint