The Center for Educational Innovation and Technology

The Center for Educational Innovation and Technology: CEIT


CEIT excellence in educational media production and development support learning in the 21st century


CEIT is the main unit in the production and development of educational, innovative support media. Develop learning and teaching system using information technology support advanced training for students. And produce all kinds of public relations media for universities by adhering to a mission coordinated service

The Center for Educational Innovation and Technology

Suranaree University of Technology


The academy of excellence in science, technology and innovation is respected by society.


Suranaree University of Technology is the number 1 university of technology in the country and in the top 200 in Asia and is a university that truly creates value for the economy and society of the country.

Core Values: Behaviors expected to occur in people. In order to achieve the vision of the organization


E: Excellence, Work commitment to lead the organization towards excellence

A: Accountability, Responsibility arising from a conscience, integrity, commitment to quality work. And ready to receive changes in various circumstances

S: Self-Good Governance, The university administration is based on good governance principles. And ego governance principles

I: Innovation, Focus on creating And bring innovation To improve the implementation of all missions in order to keep the university up to date according to the changes of the world (Modernization) and strive to be truly international (Internationalization).