Missions and Services

Missions and Services


Center for international affairs has a role as the university sector that contact, coordinate, facilitate, follow up, and evaluate the international affairs, International relationship and the collaboration with international countries. Providing services that involved with Staff exchanging program and build international environment to encourage and support the operation according to university’s obligation that aimed to create researches, modify, deliver, and develop technology as well as produce quality graduates with knowledge, and also preserve art and culture. Apart from that, Center for international affairs is also the center that gathered the information of international businesses for example, the collaboration with foreign countries, International activities, etc., which can be utilize in the analysis that lead to the determination of policies of  Internation development. Along with being the center that is proficient in taking care of International foreign family and dealing with documents and government letters in English.

According to the obligation of Center for international affairs that is the center that provides support, encourage, and facilitate in contacting and coordinating with foreign countries to every divisions in the university to build academic abilities to help university reaching international level. Therefore, there are important services provides which are handling protocals and welcoming Visitor from foreign countries, facilitating in the process of the cooperative agreement, providing International affairs information, providing the traveling document service, planning inbound/outbound trip, facilitating  in accepting students and foreigners, searching for facilities, assisting with VISA application, providing primary information to foreigners, supporting and encouraging international activities.


Significant servicesMethods of providing services
Protocals and welcoming Visitor from foreign countries
  1. Handling with foreign Visitor welcoming protocals in university level
  2. Operating signing protocals / cooperative discussion between university and International organization.
Facilitate in the process of the cooperative agreement
  1. Revise the primary details of the agreement to be accordance with rules and regulation of the university.
  2. Operate the process of  International cooperative agreement.
  3. Coordinate in signing agreement, in case that does not have the agreement signing protocals.
Providing International affairs information
  1. Center for international affairs information for instance, international collaboration, international activities attendance, etc. to internal and external university divisions.
  2. Providing international affairs information that has been analysed for the university to use for the determination of policies of  International development.
Coordinating Double/Dual degree curriculum
  1. Be the center for the institutes to coordinate with international institutions to discuss for double/dual degree curriculum.
Hosting in making budget plan for international collaboration development
  1. Making, Collecting, Analysing International collaboration development project to propose for funding of each fiscal year.
Traveling document service for Inbound and outbound trip.
  1. Issue assistance letter to issue the government passport for university staffs.
  2. Issue assistance letter to issue the government passport for university students.
  3. Issue assistance letter for VISA and facilitate in providing documents for VISA application for students and foreigners and related divisions that are traveling to study, join the cooperative study, and work in the university.
  4. Plan travel itinerary and process all the details related to the the working trip/ university’s activity in foreign countries.
  5. Make the traveling plan, and process all the details related to the coming of foreign visitors to university.
  6. Make a plan and process all the details related to the coming of foreign students to university.
Facilitate in accepting international students.
  1. Gather documents for admission application of foreign students then process through the university enrollment.
  2. Issue letter for VISA issuance
  3. Issue acceptance letter for student and send to the embassy in student country and Thai consular.
Provide facilities, VISA services, and primary information to foreigners.
  1. Coordinate in searching accommodation (within the university), facilities for students, exchange students, foreign researchers, international cooperative study students.
  2. Coordinate with domestic traveling such as the travel from the airport to university, travel to the immigration.
  3. Orientation and providing primary information about the university with the welcome note providing university living guide.
  4. Giving consultation about VISA, etc (not related to academic issue) to foreigners.
Support and encourage international activities.
  1. Activities that encourage International atmospheres in the university for example students activity camp, International night, Thai lesson for foreigners, etc.
  2. Short exchange program with partner universities.