Required English Courses

Required English Courses

203101 English I  3(3-0-6)

 Prerequisite : None

Developing students’ ability for effective communication in social and academic settings, course content reflecting students’ interests using integrated skills with primary emphasis on listening and speaking, improving communication and language learning strategies, and introducing autonomous learning using various resources

203102 English II  3(3-0-6)

 Prerequisite : English I

Enhancing students’ proficiency in social communication, developing students’ ability to accomplish learning tasks, using integrated skills and task-based learning with emphasis on contemporary themes and current issues, reading semi-academic texts from a variety of authentic sources such as newspapers, magazines and online resources

203203 English III  3(3-0-6)

Prerequisite : English II

Course content dealing with science and technology for effective communication in an academic field of study, text-based activities involving integrated language skills with an emphasis on reading, exposure to both authentic and semi-authentic materials from both printed and audiovisual materials, as well as online resources

203204 English IV  3(3-0-6)

Prerequisite: English III

Further enhancement of student’s language learning skills and ability in science and technology content developed from English III; exposure to authentic language in science and technology from both printed and audiovisual materials, as well as on-line resources; focus on text-based tasks involving integrated skills with the emphasis on writing

203305 English V  3(3-0-6)

 Prerequisite : English IV

English needed for employment preparation, effective communication skills in the workplace, and career advancement, covering topics such as job search, resumes, employment letters and documents, job interviews, academic applications, some essential correspondence, reports, meetings, discussion, and short informal occasional speeches