Research and Development

Research and Development

       The Academy for the Study of Science, Technology, and Language Learning (ASTL), Suranaree University of Technology envisioned to bea model for the center of knowledge and excellence in research and development, learning management model in science, technology, and language based on morality and social responsibility. There are studies and researches on the learning methods of lower and upper secondary school students and university students in which the results have been    implemented. Therefore, teachers and researchers at Surawiwat School, Suranaree University of Technology need to conduct research in teaching and learning innovations and use them by experimenting with students at Surawiwat School and share the achievements to others in order that ASTL becomes the source of innovative learning and educational research, and be able to share quality and effective learning management to Thai society.

         From 2016 to the present, 37% of all teachers of Surawiwat School had produced research outputs. Ten studies were published at the national level: 9 publications on scientific and mathematical research and 1 research in social sciences. For instance, educational research of SWS are the Efficiency of Teaching Media Innovation Using “Dominoes card game”, Science and Satisfaction in Supplemental Chemistry Subject on the Electrochemistry of Mathayom Suksa 5 Students in the Academic Year 2017 at Surawiwat School Suranaree University of Technology, the Achievement of Using Charade Games in the Teaching of Stones and Minerals of Mathayom Suksa 2 students, the Development of Instructional Learning Management of Mathayom Suksa 1 Students in order to Reduce the Standard Deviation and Increase the Average Academic Achievement in Social Studies Courses, etc.

          Additionally, there are 12 studies on the learning development and learning management model; 8 of mathematical and scientific research, 2 of linguistic research and 2 of social science research. For example, educational research of SWS are The Efficiency of Lessons and Satisfaction with the Teaching and Learning Process in the Chemistry and Beauty Course which Followed the STEAM Education Concept of the Lower Secondary School at Surawiwat School, Suranaree University of Technology in the Academic Year 2017, the Learning Median Creation and Development of the Zodiac Wheel to Increase Scientific Achievement of Mathayom Suksa 3 students, etc.

           Furthermore, the Research on Learning Unit is operating under the Academy for the Study of Science, Technology, and Language Learning of which the primary agenda is to conduct research, experiment, and develop methods and styles of learning management with Surawiwat School as a experimenting laboratory. The plans are to study and research on appropriate class size, special classroom arrangement, the 21st century learning skills, and academic achievement in order to improve new learning and teaching pedagogy in science, technology, and language.