Research on Learning unit is the researching and experimenting unit for conducting research and developing learning innovation of secondary students to connect between basic and tertiary education. Moreover, it is the educational center of academic staff, teachers and educational personnel in Nakhon Chai Burin provincial group.


1) Supporting research and development of innovative learning media, the Surawiwat School, Suranaree UniversityofTechnology isused as an experimenting laboratory and to continuously develop the teaching and learning model.

2)  Studying and researching on educational management in order to obtain findings and can be used for planning, policy making, including decision making and problem solving that may arise in response to the educational quality assurance of the Academy for the Study of Science, Technology and Language Learning.

3)Promoting and creating a network that creates a professional learning community both domestically and internationally, including disseminating knowledge in research and development of teaching styles, educational innovation and technology.

The Academic Year 2019, Research on Learning Unit has carried out activities based on the mission consisting of 3 main tasks as follows: