Buildings, Constructions and Utilities

Buildings, Constructions and Utilities

Academy for Science, Technology and Language has been operating Surawiwat School
at Operation and Learning Building since 2018 included Operational Building Complex And Dormitory

Operational Building Complex Group 1,

Operation and Learning Building Group

  • Administrative Building (Building A)
  • Science Mathematics and Technology school building (Building B)
  • Languages, Society and Arts school building (Building C)
  • Operation and Laboratory building (Building D)

        There is also an area in the operating building which support learning activities,for example, classrooms with desks, chairs and facilities that are designed to promote Active Learning, Learning Centers, Science laboratories, Computer laboratories, learning space, libraries, and etc.

Dormitory Building Group 2,

Two Dormitory Buildings

        Separate male-female student dormitories with connecting multi-function halls and activities rooms that can be commonly utilized (Common Room), the first student dormitory can accommodate 258 students, and at present the construction of the second student dormitory is currently on the way. Expected to be completed in early October 2019, it will be able to accommodate 336 additional students.
After the completion of the operation, both dormitories will be able to accommodate 594 students in total