Vision/ Philosophy/ Mission

Vision/ Philosophy/ Mission


“Vision of Surawiwat School is a university laboratory school based on educational research of science, technology and language in order to enrich growth in terms of physicality, mind, intelligence, wisdom, morality, and emotional intelligence to become decent citizens. Besides that, they can appreciate living and are able to coexist happily with other people.
Upon receiving education from the school, students can mature into quality assets of the society and become good global citizens.”


” Virtue leads Knowledge to Excellence “


The Academy for the Study of Science, Technology, and Language Learning (ASTL) operates accordingly to the following missions;
1. Supporting the management and operation within ASTL efficiently and successfully
2. Researching and experimenting on learning methods of secondary school students and university students in science, mathematics,technology and language to  the results into action
3. Establishing the Surawiwat school, Suranaree University of Technology to organize lasses for teaching lower and upper secondary students by focusing on mathematics, science, technology and language as a learning community and the university laboratory school.