Classrooms and Learning Supports

Classrooms and Learning Supports

Classroom and Learning Supports

Surawiwat School, Suranaree University of Technology regulates lower and upper secondary education with anemphasis on science, mathematics, technology and language. Also, the school is counted as a learning unit and laboratory for researching and conducting research. Hence, in order to develop education to its fullest potential based on the commitment, the school organizes laboratories and learning space containing various learning materials and media which cover all fields of study for sharing, exchanging and gaining knowledge.

  • Building B is used for teaching and learning mathematics, science and technology

  • Building C is used for teaching and learning social, arts and language.

  • Building D is science laboratories.

Moreover, the school provides learning centers for storing knowledge and creating unique and positive learning atmosphere in addition to theoretical study in the classrooms by designing 8 learning centers classified by subjects on each building as follows

Surawiwat School has been organizing the teaching and learning process not only in a traditional learning style, but also adopting Active Learning within the lessons. Integrated Engineering activities were provided. Therefore, Fabrication Lab has played an important role in the learning and developing processes to enhance student’s innovative skills. Moreover, the students are encouraged to use educational support devices in the classes such as 3D-Printer, Laser Cutter, etc. 

In addition, students could exchange their learning experiences outside the classroom by accessing learning spaces provided in school such as library, independent study room, learning spaces for group collaboration.