The Key Focus of the Curriculum

The Key Focus of the Curriculum

The Key Focus of the curriculum

Surawiwat School’s curriculum has adopted STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics, Sports) as a crucial key in developing students to become citizens of the 21st century. The students in secondary school level are encouraged to develop their skills throughout the following learning key focus;

  • Research and Innovation
  • Digital Technology
  • English Integration
  • Chinese
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Faculty and Facility Sharing
  • Favorite Course
  • 21st Century Skills

Research and Innovation

Students at Surawiwat School are required to conduct at least one project and present it in order to graduate from either lower or upper secondary level. The project is based on student’s interest and preference such as Thai, Science, etc. The purpose of the project is to learn and practice scientific methodology.

Computer Programming and Application of Digital Technology

Students learn about technology management and application to properly and accurately use them as learning aids through courses such as computer coding program, computing science, and Internet of Things to practice critical thinking and systematic problem solving.

English Integration

Surawiwat School has integrated the English language as a part of the learning process where students learn a subject and a second language at the same time. To open their minds and cultivate their language appreciation, the English language is implemented in various learning and teaching materials as well as presentation practice. Moreover, the school provides extracurricular activities to enhance English skills outside the classroom e.g. Morning Talk, English Market Day, etc.

Communicating in Chinese

In the 21th century, the Chinese language plays an important role in both economic, academic and other aspects. Surawiwat School realizes that being capable of the Chinese language will maximize students’ chances in career and education in the future. Therefore, Surawiwat School’s curriculumincludes
the Chinese language as one of the elective courses for lower secondary school students and free elective courses for upper secondary school students.

Fostering Entrepreneurial Mindset

The curriculum of secondary school level implements entrepreneurship and encourages the students to join the extra activities to develop students’ entrepreneurial mindset and practical skills. The courses are supported and organized by Student Entrepreneurship Development Academy also known as SEDA.

Faculty and Facility Sharing

Surawiwat School aims to enable students to have deeper understandings in science, mathematics, and language instructed by specialists in particular subjects from various faculty members such as Nanotechnology, Robotics, Food Science, etc. In addition, the curriculum emphasizes the learning in both theory and self-directed practice. Moreover, learning centers and laboratories in the university are available for Surawiwat students.

Selecting Topics according to potential and preference Favorite Course

The curriculum of lower secondary school level is designed to develop students’ skills and be self-directed learners. Therefore, free elective courses are available for the students to learn particular subjects according to their potential and preference. Meanwhile, upper secondary school level curriculum
focuses on science, technology, and language as the fundamental knowledge for the students who will soon become qualified graduates and to be able to overcome academic obstacles.

21 Developing 21st Century Skills

Not only the academic achievement, Surawiwat school curriculum also focuses on developing soft skills of the 21st century through extracurricular activities including clubs, public services, management skills, collaborative skills, problem solving, critical thinking, and communicative skills.